Supperclub Cookbook

The Not-So-Holy-Bible is made up of seven chapters of recipes. The chapters all refer in one way or another to the Bible. Alongside classic Supperclub dishes such as corn-fed chicken with caramelized Belgian endive and truffle vinaigrette, duck and popcorn salad, and vegan spring roll, the book also contains recipes for somewhat less traditional dishes. The chapter called ‘The Sacrifice’ is dedicated to recipes that call for slaughterhouse by-products such as veal tongue, brains and bull’s balls. ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ contains recipes calling for GHB, XTC and magic mushrooms. ‘The Song of Songs’ contains recipes for erotic dishes, some of which were photographed in a brothel. All of the recipes are interspersed with Bible fragments and illustrations that have a religious tint. The Not-So-Holy-Bible looks remarkably like its holier cousin: it is Bible-sized, contains gilt-edged pages and has a ribbon page-marker.

Print — Client: Supperclub
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